Comparison of the movement characteristics of the UAZ-3151 vehicle in the process of performing the "rearrangement" maneuver, obtained during the simulation, with the results of full-scale tests. The average discrepancy in the values of the characteristics during the movement of the car between modeling and full-scale tests is 7.4%. This discrepancy is largely due to the errors in the original model data.

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Версия EULER 11.14

Выпущена новая версия программного комплекса EULER 11.14

Декабрь, 2020

Версия EULER 10.43

A new version of the EULER 10.43 software has been released.

October 2018

Version EULER 10.31

A new version of the EULER 10.31 software has been released.

January 2018

Version EULER 10.25

A new version of the EULER 10.25 software has been released.

September, 2017