JSC "AutoMechanics.Inc" was established on April 12, 1993. Boykov Vladimir was elected General Director of JSC "AutoMechanics.Inc" at the shareholders meeting.The enterprise was organized by the specialists of Molniya, the main developer of the Russian reusable space aircraft Buran, who carried out work on automation of the design of advanced aerospace systems and their elements, analysis of their functioning and strength calculations.
The specialists of the enterprise, under the guidance of V. Boykov, developed a software package for automated dynamic analysis of EULER multicomponent mechanical systems, which was subsequently registered by the Russian Patent Trademark Agency (ROSPATENT) under No. 2000610718 of August 18, 2000. The greatest contribution to the creation and development of the software complex was made by the employees of the enterprise A.Yu. Afanasyev, A.A. Zhdanov, D.M. Osipov, A.A. Yudakov.

The main activities of JSC "AutoMechanics.Inc" are:
development of advanced information technologies for automated mathematical modeling of complex mechanical systems;
carrying out of research works on modeling and dynamic analysis of mechanical systems in various fields of engineering.
All the activities of the company are aimed at developing and improving the EULER software complex to the level of the world's best samples and creating it as a commercial product.
Currently, one of the important tasks of the enterprise is the creation of software products that provide a friendly and simple interface to users who do not have special knowledge in the field of mathematical and computer modeling. For this purpose, on the basis of the EULER PC, special applications are developed for use in various fields of technology.

Thanks to the great practical experience of solving the problems of dynamic analysis of mechanical systems in various fields of technology, the specialists of the enterprise were able to create a powerful and convenient tool for mathematical modeling and work it out to solve a large number of real problems and put it on the same level with known foreign analogs.
JSC "AutoMechanics.Inc" takes an active part in the implementation of projects to develop Russian software tools designed to replace foreign analogs at industrial enterprises.
To solve these tasks JSC "AutoMechanics.Inc" has highly qualified specialists in the field of mathematics and programming design and analysis, various samples of modern technology. JSC "AutoMechanics.Inc" successfully interacts with Russian enterprises in various branches of manufacturing equipment such as The Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, The Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF), Open Joint Stock Company KAMAZ, Irkut Corporation Joint-Stock Company, Joint-Stock Company "Russian Aircraft Corporation" MiG " and many others.

For performance of works JSC "AutoMechanics.Inc" has all necessary licenses.


Certificate of registration JSC "AutoMechanics.Inc"
Certificate of state accreditation of scientific organization
Certificate for the trademark JSC "AutoMechanics.Inc"
Certificate for the trademark JSC "AutoMechanics.Inc" in English
Certificate for the EULER trademark
Certificate of EULER registration
License for the implementation of space activities


Latest news

Euler version 12.10

A new version of the software package has been released

EULER 12.10

A demo version 12.09.09 of the software package is available at the link

DOWNLOAD the demo version of EULER

October, 2022

Новая линейка программного комплекса EULER 12

Мы продолжаем активную работу по совершенствованию программного комплекса EULER.

В настоящее время готовится выпуск новой линейки версий EULER 12, в которой произведены следующие важные изменения:

  • разработано новое расчетное ядро с существенно расширенными возможностями;
  • повышена скорость расчетов;
  • реализованы неявные методы интегрирования, применение которых на порядки уменьшает время расчета жестких систем;
  • произведен ряд улучшений пользовательского интерфейса.
Версия EULER 11.14

Выпущена новая версия программного комплекса EULER 11.14

Декабрь, 2020

Версия EULER 10.43

A new version of the EULER 10.43 software has been released.

October 2018