On our channel in Youtube a new video tutorial is posted - checking the accuracy of calculations with the Euler software package

The purpose of this lesson is to study, on the example of the mechanism from the "Collection of Problems in Theoretical Mechanics" by Veselovskii I.N., the solution of a problem having an exact theoretical answer, represented by a rather complicated dependence on the initial data, and to compare it with the value obtained with the help of a software package Euler, thereby assessing the accuracy of the solution of a particular problem by computer simulation methods.

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June, 2017


Latest news

Euler version 12.12

A new version of the software package has been released
EULER 12.12 
The demo version 12.12.03 of the software package is available at the link

DOWNLOAD the demo version of EULER

May, 2023

Update of the EULER software package - version 12 has been released

We continue to actively work on improving the EULER software package.

A big update of the software package - the 12th version of EULER has been released, in which the following important changes have been made:

  • a new computational core with significantly expanded capabilities has been developed;
  • increased calculation speed;
  • implicit integration methods are implemented, the use of which reduces the calculation time of rigid systems by orders of magnitude;
  • a number of user interface improvements have been made.
Euler version 11.14

A new version of the EULER 11.14 software package has been released

December, 2020

Euler version 10.43

A new version of the EULER 10.43 software has been released.

October 2018