The method of forming and solving the equations of motion of a multicomponent mechanical system implemented in the EULER software complex was developed by specialists of the AvtoMechanika enterprise on the basis of modern methods of classical mechanics. A multicomponent mechanical system is considered as a set of solid and elastic (deformable) bodies, connected by kinematic connections and force elements, including external forces. The motion of bodies is considered in three-dimensional space in general form without any simplifying assumptions.

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Latest news

Версия EULER 11.14

Выпущена новая версия программного комплекса EULER 11.14

Декабрь, 2020

Версия EULER 10.43

A new version of the EULER 10.43 software has been released.

October 2018

Version EULER 10.31

A new version of the EULER 10.31 software has been released.

January 2018

Version EULER 10.25

A new version of the EULER 10.25 software has been released.

September, 2017