Possible applications for EULER:

  • Rocket and space technology:
    • Simulation of the movement of products in the transition sections of the flight (start, separation of blocks, etc.), taking into account the elastic vibrations of the structure, the oscillations of the liquid filler in the tanks and the operation of the control system.
    • Modeling of the disclosure of space structures (solar batteries, antennas, etc.).
    • Modeling the dynamics of performing robotic operations in orbit.
    • Simulation of docking spacecraft.
  • Aviation
    • Simulation of chassis release / cleaning.
    • Simulation of the release / harvesting of the mechanization of the wing and the operation of aircraft control mechanisms, taking into account the deformation of the airframe design.
    • Modeling the dynamics of the movement of helicopters and vertically taking off planes of various schemes in the study of complex transient processes.
    • Modeling dynamic behavior of chassis racks and calculating loads in chassis racks and base aircraft nodes during takeoff, landing and in various ground motion modes.
    • Simulation of the opening / closing of the cargo compartment doors and the compartment of the chassis, the lantern, hatches and other elements, in particular, the doors of the passenger aircraft, taking into account the operation of its mechanisms.
    • Modeling of mechanisms and processes of separating payloads (fuel tanks, shells and other products that are being dropped).
  • Automotive industry:
    • The study of the dynamic behavior of various types of cars: cars, trucks, with trailers, with all steerable wheels, with any suspension and drive structures, etc. in various operating conditions and determination of power loads in units and assemblies
    • Calculation of the characteristics of stability and controllability of the car, smooth running, traction-dynamic and braking characteristics of the car.
    • Modeling the operation of various components, assemblies and systems of the car, including suspension mechanisms, steering, transmission, engine, cabin, cargo, etc.
  • Other applications:
    • Modeling the work of various agricultural, construction and industrial mechanisms, various machines, robots and manipulators.
    • Modeling the dynamics of movement of mechanical stands, centrifuges, mechanical systems of complex simulator stands.

Latest news

Euler version 12.12

A new version of the software package has been released
EULER 12.12 
The demo version 12.12.03 of the software package is available at the link

DOWNLOAD the demo version of EULER

May, 2023

Версия Euler 12.12

Выпущена новая версия программного комплекса
EULER 12.12

Май, 2023

Update of the EULER software package - version 12 has been released

We continue to actively work on improving the EULER software package.

A big update of the software package - the 12th version of EULER has been released, in which the following important changes have been made:

  • a new computational core with significantly expanded capabilities has been developed;
  • increased calculation speed;
  • implicit integration methods are implemented, the use of which reduces the calculation time of rigid systems by orders of magnitude;
  • a number of user interface improvements have been made.
Euler version 11.14

A new version of the EULER 11.14 software package has been released

December, 2020